Z 28mm f/2 real machine picture: Nikon also has a biscuit head?

Among the current models of Nikon Z series lenses, most of them are biased towards high-end S-line, and small and precise lenses seem to be still in the planning. However, foreign media recently exposed a photo of a Nikon Z mirror with a 28mm f/2.0 lens, which looks like a new lens to be released soon.

In fact, there are indeed two models of 28mm and 40mm in the lens plan published by Nikon before. Judging by the similar lens structure, the appearance of 28mm and 40mm is likely to be exactly the same, they will be very short, compact, and have a large aperture configuration such as f/2.

But as for when it will be launched and what the price will be, it is not known for the time being. According to my personal speculation, the prices of the two lenses will be very similar, because Volenda has 28mm f/2 and 40mm f/2 at similar prices. Look forward to Nikon launching the Z 28mm f/2 and Z 40mm f/2 soon!

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