With almighty tourist head, Nikon D5600 SLR camera case

Nikon D5600 has 24 million pixel imaging capabilities, and can shoot 1080/60P high-definition video. This camera is equipped with a reversible touch LCD screen. The 3.2-inch LCD screen has an outstanding display effect and is more convenient for shooting and framing.

The 39-point autofocus system can help users better capture moving objects. The D5600 kit is currently equipped with an 18-140mm anti-shake lens.

Nikon’s entry-level SLR camera D5600 is not much different from the previous generation D5500 in performance, mainly with the addition of the Snapbridge function that uses Bluetooth as the wireless transmission function.


When you encounter low-light but beautiful scenery, such as night scenes or dim indoor light, the standard ISO sensitivity of D5600 ranges from 100-25600, allowing you to shoot sharp and clear images.

When using a high ISO sensitivity setting, you can also shoot at a faster shutter speed, and you can take photos with less noise and no blur without using a flash.

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