Why are Ins popular? Look at the 5 square composition methods to know

Square composition is nothing new anymore. The first appearance of square composition can be traced back to the early film era. Today, 3:2\4:3\16 is used in most cameras and mobile phone photography: The ratio of the size of the photo to the 9th rectangle, the 1:1 square size composition is still not over, and still continues, so how can we play the square composition well? Below we will tell you 6 shooting techniques for square composition, so that you can quickly get started with square composition.

1. Minimalism

The 1:1 square photo has a distinguishing feature from the general rectangular photo, that is, it can remove part of the content to get a cleaner picture. Compared with the rectangular composition, the scenes on both sides are omitted to make the subject matter more prominent.

Because we eliminate the interference of the pictures on both sides, it is easier for us to take the ideal effect when shooting minimalist photos. At the same time, we can use a lot of white space to make the picture cleaner.

2. Line composition

Due to the square composition, the length and width ratios are equal, which will give people a neat and symmetrical feeling. On the expression of the lines, diagonal lines, parallel lines, vertical lines, curves and other lines will form a good contrast and highlight, creating There is a strong visual impact, and the picture is very beautiful.

3. Vertical shooting

The biggest feature of the square composition is that the length, width, and length are equal. When we shoot door frames, windows and other buildings with horizontal and vertical lines, we shoot from the front. With the help of the edge of the door frame, we can get regular lines and highlight the image. content.

4. “X”-shaped depth angle of view

Due to the characteristics of the square composition, in some alleys, the center of the road, the center of the building, etc., the shooting is taken from the center of the road. The lines on both sides of the road and the eaves lines form an “X” shape, which is equal to the length and width of the square composition. The formation of a clear contrast can highlight the scene in the center of the picture. At the same time, due to the “X”-shaped lines, an extended perspective is created in the viewing distance, which makes the street corner road feel like a long road. Therefore, in the square composition, stand in the center of the road and be vertical. Shooting is a very good perspective.

5. Horizontal symmetry

Since a square composition gives people a symmetrical and regular visual experience, when shooting reflections and other pictures, it can form a larger visual effect than a rectangular composition. The center line of the reflection is exactly in the center of the entire picture, forming a regular symmetry. The feeling, visual harmony and good-looking.


On the social media platform of pictures, just relying on the square composition, it has become a popular way of taking pictures all over the world. The above 5 kinds of 1:1 composition tips include minimalist style, line composition, and vertical. Shooting, “X”-shaped in-depth angle of view, horizontal symmetry, these small skills, can take very good-looking photos, interested friends may wish to try it, practice hands can take good-looking photos.

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