The tripod chosen by new photographers, SIRUI E1005A is great value

SIRUI E1005A is a portable tripod made of aluminum alloy. It adopts the popular reflex design, which is more convenient to carry. The weight of the product is 1.43kg, the minimum working height is 350mm, the height of the central shaft is 1175mm, and the maximum working height is 1490mm. G12 is a spherical gimbal with a weight of 0.31kg and a maximum load-bearing capacity of 10kg, which can hold most of the current SLR and mirrorless cameras. At present, the price of this excellent tripod + PTZ combination is only 358 yuan in Jingdong Mall, which is very cost-effective.

The thickest tube diameter of this tripod is 25mm, and the tube diameter decreases by 3mm successively. The tube diameter of the fifth section of the tripod is 4mm thicker than the 4mm tripod in the industry, which can bring better stability. There is a scale on the fifth section of the tripod, which can realize more refined adjustment.

Although it is an entry-level product, the workmanship and function of the G12 table are not sloppy. The large sphere damping adjustment knob, the small sphere damping adjustment knob, the horizontal rotation locking knob and the panoramic shooting scale value are all available. The knobs feel good and easy to operate, and the metal material also brings better texture and more outstanding durability.

When shooting subjects such as flowers and water reflections, the camera needs to be placed at a very low angle. The E1005A with the inverted central axis design can better achieve this low-angle viewfinder shooting.

This tripod can also be used as a monopod by removing one of the legs and combining it with the G12 gimbal. It is a dual-use practical product.

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