The size is portable and the picture quality is not reduced, the full-frame mirrorless Sony A7C is extraordinary

As the first imaging manufacturer to release full-frame mirrorless cameras, Sony released the Alpha 7C camera in September 2020. This is a brand-new full-frame mirrorless camera series, which is different from the high-resolution A7R or the A7S series that focuses on video. The main focus of the A7C camera is portability. Just as C is the abbreviation of Compact, the meaning of this camera is to pursue lightness and portability while ensuring image quality.

The Sony A7C is available in two colors: silver and black. Black is more low-key, while silver is more retro. The grip area of ​​the handle is designed with leather. The body measures 124 x 71.1 x 59.7mm, including memory card and battery. , The body weight is about 509g. As a full-frame camera, the A7C is very close to the APS-C format camera in size and weight, only about 1% heavier than the Alpha 6600 camera, which means that it has an excellent portability experience in a full-frame camera.

Although this camera has a light body, its performance and image quality have not been compromised. Sony A7C is equipped with approximately 24.2 million effective pixels full-frame back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor and BIONZ X image processor, which can provide high-sensitivity, low-noise performance and excellent resolution, and a wide dynamic range of 15 levels. This excellent sensor can achieve a sensitivity of ISO 51,200, and can be extended to ISO 50-204,800. With the newly upgraded five-axis anti-shake and shutter components, users can also hold low-noise shooting in low-light environments. image.

The Sony A7C has a 693-point focal plane phase detection focusing system that can cover about 93% of the image area, and has 425 contrast detection focus points, providing a wide, fast and accurate autofocus performance, which can quickly lock the subject without losing focus , It can achieve accurate and fast focusing even in complex environments. Based on advanced AI artificial intelligence technology, A7C can automatically track the subject’s eyes or face while half-pressing the shutter when shooting portraits. Not only human eyes, Sony A7C also supports real-time eye focusing of animals. When shooting kittens and puppies, there is no need to worry about not being in focus.

Through the newly developed shutter assembly and improved image processor, A7C can achieve high-speed continuous shooting up to about 10 fps in AF/AE tracking mode. With a powerful focusing system, it is easier to capture moving subjects and shoot clear photo. In the live view mode, you can shoot continuously at a speed of up to about 8 fps. In this mode, the display delay of the EVF/LCD will be even smaller. When there are high-speed moving objects in the screen, the camera can also shoot easily.

The Sony A7C is also equipped with a tilting LCD screen with a tilt angle of about 176 degrees and a rotation angle of about 270 degrees, making the camera easy to shoot in any camera position. It also supports the portrait mode video of the short video platform. The user can use the original data to allow the vertically recorded material to be played back and edited in the vertical position. There is no need to rotate to the vertical direction on the computer side. Young people can easily produce large movies by playing Douyin Kuaishou Station B. .

Vlog is a big hit in recent years. Many users buy cameras for video shooting. The video shooting function of Sony A7C is also very powerful. First of all, it can read in full-frame format and full-pixel format without pixel merging. Record, super-sampling with 6K resolution data volume to generate high-quality 4K material with excellent detail and depth.

Sony A7C also supports HDR (HLG) and S-Log/S-Gamut profiles. Users can turn on S-Log2 or S-Log3 to obtain higher latitude. There is also S&Q mode, which can shoot at high speed FHD at 120 fps and To upgrade, these features are what they most want to have for many users who are looking for image quality. At the same time, real-time eye tracking can also be used in video shooting. With the use of a rollover LCD screen, the Sony A7C is a video shooting tool.

Sony A7C provides a USB 3.2 Type-C interface, which can not only transfer images quickly when shooting remotely on the PC, but also use the USB Type-C interface to connect to an external mobile power supply, so you don’t have to worry about long-term shooting or time-lapse photography. The embarrassing situation of no electricity happened. At the same time, the camera also supports Wi-Fi wireless transmission function and remote control function. In addition to the traditional 2.4GHz frequency band, the Sony A7C also supports the 5GHz frequency band. Users can transmit photos and videos to the mobile phone under low interference and high rate. On the side, you can remotely control the camera through your mobile phone to take pictures and adjust parameters.

Sony A7C, as a flagship portable full-frame camera, can be said to be very good, not only the size and weight are easy to carry, but also the performance is very powerful, whether it is photo shooting or video recording, can provide users with an excellent experience. If you want to buy a camera recently, pay more attention to the portability of the camera, but also pay attention to the camera’s image quality or video shooting, then the Sony A7C will be your best choice.

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