The same model for professional photographers, Nikon D850 full-frame SLR camera

As an upgrade of the D810, the Nikon D850’s effective pixels are increased to 45.75 million. The sensor also uses a design without a low-pass filter. Combined with the high resolution of NIKKOR net investment, it can give full play to the advantages of high pixels. As the latest model, Nikon D850 uses the latest EXPEED5 image processor, which has better noise reduction capabilities that can effectively suppress noise while retaining richer details. Currently on, the single body price of the Nikon D850 has been adjusted to CNY18,399.

Tolerance has always been one of Nikon’s core strengths, and the D850 is still one of the 135 cameras with the best tolerance on the market. The current 135 camera often has a good latitude in low sensitivity, but the latitude will drop significantly after increasing the sensitivity. However, the Nikon D850 can still maintain a good tolerance under the high sense, even if the ISO reaches 3200 or higher, it can still provide users with a good adjustment space.


Nikon D850 is a fusion of high pixels and high speed. While maintaining 45 million high-pixel image quality output, the camera is equipped with Nikon’s latest generation 153-point focusing system, and has a high-speed continuous shooting performance of 9fps with a handle and 7fps without a handle. It can even reach 30fps in DX format. Shoot. This makes the D850 not only a high-resolution camera, but also suitable for the daily shooting of animal photographers and sports photographers, greatly expanding the scope of application of the D850.

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