The rangefinder is retro and high quality, Fuji X-Pro3 is recommended

Fuji X-Pro3 is a flagship mirrorless camera, it has very good performance, so it is suitable for experiencing high-end photography. Fuji X-Pro3 has a very good image quality performance, while having a wealth of film simulation.

In addition, the appearance of Fuji X-Pro3 has a retro style, and friends with sentiments will definitely like it very much. Now, in, the price of Fuji X-Pro3 camera is CNY12190.

Fuji X-Pro3 uses Fuji’s X-Trans sensor, 26 million pixel APS-C frame, absolutely enough for photography, has exceeded the current mainstream pixel level.

The screen of the Fuji X-Pro3 can only be seen by folding down. Normally, there is only a small screen showing film simulation or parameters. The screen size is 1.28 inches and needs to be folded down 180 degrees when using it. Support touch, and the sensitivity is very good.

Fuji X-Pro3 mirrorless camera has a wealth of film simulation, users can choose a simulation suitable for the current landscape to take photos, and feel a strong film feel.

In addition, the camera’s handling performance is good, and the adjustment is very convenient. The dual card slot design can help users expand or directly back up. Most importantly, the picture quality of this mirrorless camera is excellent, so it can bring great photos to users.

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