Take dynamic photos with your mobile phone? It’s better than the camera

It has become a habit of many people to take photos with their phones. Some people think that the biggest difference between mobile phone photography and camera photography is that the camera can take more artistic photos, but the mobile phone cannot, because they think that the function of the mobile phone is definitely not enough for professional cameras.

In fact, today’s mobile phones can achieve 90% of the functions of the camera, and even some things that the camera cannot do, the mobile phone can do. Taking pictures with mobile phones, in fact, the pictures at the moment of condensation are often not good enough. Take pictures with a dynamic feel, and you will not feel that mobile phone photography is too limited. I think following shooting is a good example.

Friends who don’t have much contact with photography are most afraid of when shooting, the longer the shooting time is delayed, the more panic they will be. Because most of the time, without the support of a tripod, holding a long shutter means you have to paste the film. If there is no “effective treatment” during this period, then it is really a waste film.

Most people take pictures at night, and the aperture itself is not large enough. It is obviously impossible to want both a higher photo purity and a faster shutter speed. If we simply want a high-speed shutter, we can only sacrifice the purity of the picture, and it doesn’t matter to increase the noise. But in fact, if slow shutter can master the essentials and become a follow-up photography, it is also very interesting.

The practice of following photography is really simple. Using the thinking of “shooting bad films” to make the lens follow the subject is to follow photography. During the period of shooting, the exposure continued, during which all the information in the frame was recorded. In this case, if you allow the lens to slowly pan in one direction, a perfect follow-up photography can be taken.

but! It is simple to follow the principles of photography, but you need to pay attention to some details in order to be perfect. First of all, always follow the principle of small aperture and large depth of field. If you want to make the shutter slow and ensure normal exposure, a small aperture is a very important indicator-this is for digital cameras. Since most mobile phones have a fixed aperture, they can only start from a low ISO. However, mobile phones have an inherent advantage that the sensor size is small, and slow shutter is very easy to appear when the light is insufficient (especially at night). As long as you grasp this period of time and follow the photography, it will be easier. But conversely, you can’t shoot follow-up photography at all during the day, unless you have an ND filter.

The general procedure for mobile phone follow-up photography is to lower the ISO in manual mode, and the shutter needs to be slowed down accordingly, and then you can shoot. Take an Apple mobile phone as an example, using ProCam can reduce its shutter speed to the lowest 1/4 second, and there is enough time to pan and press the shutter. It is normal that you have failed to play panning many times. You can focus on the center of the screen, and then move the center to the object to be shot synchronously.

When you feel that the ambient light is not strong, you don’t actually need to deliberately adjust the shutter, because no matter how strong the mobile phone is, it can’t provide you with a fast shutter speed to capture. So, you can take more dynamic panning photos naturally, that is, follow the photography. The advantage of follow-up photography with a mobile phone is that it is not completely out of focus like a camera, which is also one of its better uses than a camera. Following photography does not have to be 100% clear. As long as there is a sense of speed, it is a successful follow photography.

In fact, following photography is not complicated at all. It can be said that it is the least necessary of many photography techniques. As long as you master the swing speed of following the photography, you can easily synchronize the speed of the lens and the object. In this way, the dynamic photography is shown, and you will definitely feel that it is much better than the static and instantaneous condensation photos. Of course, I recommend that you add a little bit of toning after shooting to add a little more visual sense to the already perfect photos. Whether you use a mobile phone or a camera, practice more! I believe that the birth of blockbusters is not far from you.

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