Super high pixel mirrorless camera Canon M6 II kit

Although it is not a full-frame model, the Canon APS-C format mirrorless M6 II also has a very powerful performance configuration.

32.5 million effective pixels + 4K video recording without cropping, whether it is used as a photographic equipment or a Vlog tool, it can bring you excellent picture quality performance.

At the same time, the full-pixel dual-core focusing technology also has a better focusing experience when shooting photos and videos. The current promotional price of Canon M6 II at is CNY6099.

At present, the M6 II on the market has two color schemes for consumers to choose from, the all-black body is more cool, and the silver-black body has a hint of retro art.

The M6 II is lightweight and portable, but also provides a large handle that brings a more outstanding grip.

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