Sony vlog artifact ZV-1 has a new firmware: fix the restart bug

Since the launch of the Sony ZV-1, countless internet celebrities and self-media bloggers have said that this is a very suitable camera for vlog video, and the price is quite affordable. In important use scenarios, the stability of the ZV-1 is particularly important. So Sony introduced a new firmware 2.01 to enhance its stability.

What I am most impressed by Sony ZV-1 is the one-click switching of the blur function and the “product display function” for beauty bloggers. What’s more powerful is that it has unique S-log2 and S-log3 image profiles, which provides a higher tolerance for video post-grading.

The main content of this 2.01 firmware update is: to correct the phenomenon that the camera may restart in a few cases in the photo shooting mode. So if you have also purchased ZV-1, you should download the latest firmware from the official website as soon as possible to upgrade. (2.01)

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