Some unknown functions and tips in iPhone camera and photo album

Some unknown functions and tips in iPhone camera and photo album.

Are there any photos in your phone that you don’t want to be seen by others, and it is too cumbersome to install encryption software for protection, so is there an easier way?

The first method is very simple. It is to hide the photos that you don’t want to be seen by others. The hidden photos will appear in the hidden photo album.

The photo editing function that comes with iPhone can also play a hidden purpose. Steps: Select a photo and click Edit in the upper right corner, adjust the exposure, brightness, and shadow options in the light effect adjustment to the lowest, the photo becomes a black image, click the photo edit when you want to see it Just reset the button.

Of course, these tips are just to avoid the embarrassment of others accidentally seeing private photos.

I want to take photos while recording

I don’t know if you have ever had such troubles. You often need to switch back and forth between the video and camera functions of the iPhone when traveling or gathering with friends.

Video can save more exciting, and taking pictures allows you to share your circle of friends. In fact, the iPhone has a solution for a long time. In the video recording interface, to the left of the recording little red dot is the camera button. You can take pictures at any time during the recording process, and both video and photo are correct.

Better composition

The tic-tac-toe composition line can better help you shoot the composition. Many people complain that the iPhone does not have this function inconvenient. In fact, there is an iPhone, but it is not adjusted in the camera program. You can turn on the auxiliary composition line in Settings-Camera-Grid.

In addition, in the camera settings, you can also set the video format, retention settings, HDR and other options.

If you need to take HDR photos frequently, you can remove the option to keep normal photos. In this way, when shooting HDR photos, the iPhone will no longer save normal photos but only HDR photos, which can save you phone space and reduce the workload of photo organization.

Panoramic photo left or right

Panoramic photos are a very useful function when traveling. It has a wider field of view than ultra-wide-angle lenses and has inherent advantages in recording landscapes and architecture. By default, iPhone panoramic photos are scanned from left to right. Tap the direction arrow and it will become scanned from right to left.

Generally speaking, when we take panoramic photos, we hold the phone vertically and scan it from left to right. In fact, you can also hold the phone horizontally and scan and shoot from top to bottom or bottom to top. It is more suitable to shoot tall buildings.

Lock exposure and focus

There are exposure lock and focus lock in the camera. In fact, the iPhone also has the same function. Long press the area you need to focus on in the screen to lock the focus and exposure. After locking, you can compose and shoot again. At this time, the focus and exposure will not change, which is equivalent to focusing first and then composing the picture.

Delete multiple photos at once

We not only use mobile phones to record life, but also use it to assist work. Everyone will have this experience. During a project and activity you are in charge of, you may take dozens or even hundreds of photos. After the project ends, there is no need to save these photos. How to delete photos quickly? Enter the album and click on the selection in the upper right corner, and then slide your finger horizontally or vertically to select multiple photos at once, or even diagonally, to delete directly after selection.

Head down to avoid distortion

In daily life, we may need to take pictures from above, such as ID photos, digital products, etc. Many people are troubled by the distortion of such photos. In fact, the iPhone also provides help for shooting such photos.

When shooting overhead, the iPhone will automatically display two front sights, white and yellow, in the center of the screen. When the two front sights are combined into a yellow front sight, it indicates that the iPhone is in a horizontal state, and the picture taken at this time is not The distortion is troubled. You can use this function to help calibrate the composition when shooting up and down.

The neglected Live Photo

Live Photo first appeared on iPhone 6s, but today Apple has updated to iPhone Xs. Many people rarely use this feature. In fact, it is very fun to use Live Photo properly.

Let me first talk about the working status of Live Photo. Live Photo will record the pictures and sounds of 1.5 seconds before and after the shutter is pressed and generate a three-second small video, which is between the video and the photo.

The opening of Live Photo is very simple. The second icon at the top in the camera program is the button to turn Live Photo on and off. Because it is recording a total of three seconds of images, keep the phone stable during this period to avoid large-scale shaking.

Photos taken with Live Photo can be set as live wallpapers, and you can see a moving wallpaper by pressing the screen. Take Live Photo photos for kids and family members, set it as a live wallpaper and you can see if it’s very warm.

Live Photo has added a new function in ISO 11 and above systems, which is to add four special effects to dynamic photos. The first type of live is the most original Live Photo, which shows the effect as you were when you were shooting. The second type of loop playback is suitable for endless looping subjects such as water ripples. Playing back and forth means that the dynamic photos are played in the forward order and then in the reverse order, which is especially suitable for shooting various ghosts and animals. For example, in diving videos, jump in in the positive order and then in the reverse order, and then let people return to the shore from the water.

The long-exposure function can realize the long-term exposure that a professional camera can shoot without using third-party photography software. Because it is 1.5 seconds before and after, it is equivalent to three seconds of long exposure. Of course, taking such photos requires the help of a tripod to make the picture more stable.

The above are some of the small features that are easily overlooked in the iPhone camera and photo album.

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