SIRUI Carbon Fiber Tripod AM-254 with Low Center of Gravity Gimbal

SIRUI AM-254 is a tripod product made of carbon fiber. Because it is made of carbon fiber, the total weight including the A-10R gimbal is only 1.38kg. The design without a bottom bracket makes the lowest working height of this tripod only 16.2cm.

Of course, you don’t have to worry about its maximum working height is too low, it can reach 128.4cm without using the bottom bracket accessories, and it can reach 160.4cm with the extended bottom bracket SL-200.

SIRUI AM-254 tripod adopts a four-section leg tube design with a tube diameter of 25.8mm (thick)-15mm (fine). The leg locking device is covered with thick rubber, and the design of large texture is adopted, which is more labor-saving in actual operation. , Even with gloves, it can be done easily. The foot tube supports three-level angle adjustment to meet the needs of framing of different themes.

The A-10R ball head, which is matched with AM-254, adopts a low center of gravity design, giving people the first impression of being solid and reliable. The pan/tilt adopts precise CAM manufacturing process, and the material is aluminum alloy for durability. The roundness tolerance sphere is designed with over-center-of-gravity locking, which can carry various large photographic equipment. The base has a 360° horizontal rotation scale, which provides a reference for the panoramic connection.

At present, SIRUI tripods are provided with a six-year warranty. This also reflects SIRUI’s confidence in the quality of its products. Consumers can also use SIRUI products more worry-free. This is commendable.

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