Ricoh officially released Pentax K-3 Mark III: the price is touching

It was reported before that Ricoh was about to release the Pentax K-3 Mark III, but because of the announcement of the postponement, the ticket would be skipped. I did not expect that the new machine was officially announced. Pentax K-3 Mark III is a very traditional SLR digital camera, but unfortunately it is still APS-C format in the third generation, and its appearance is also very traditional SLR.

Pentax K-3 Mark III uses a 25.73 million pixel APS-C sensor, PRIME V image processor, with five-axis image stabilization on the fuselage, which can achieve 5.5-level image stabilization compensation. The focusing system has 101 auto focus points and 25 cross-type focus points. The continuous shooting speed can reach 11 frames per second under the focus tracking, and 4K 30P video can be recorded.

It seems that the performance of Pentax K-3 Mark III is acceptable, but it seems to be slightly inferior to the same-level SLR of the first-tier manufacturers. Pentax K-3 Mark III is available in black and silver, and the stand-alone price is $1,999. I wonder if netizens will consider buying this camera?

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