Retro temperament camera Fuji X100V fun street photography

The Fuji X100 series has attracted much attention since its birth. Its beautiful retro appearance, excellent lens quality and excellent picture quality performance are very popular among users. Today, the latest product of the Fuji X100 series, the Fuji X100V, not only continues the exquisite retro appearance, but also has greatly improved the internal imaging quality, bringing users a very good photography experience.

The Fuji X100 series takes the retro rangefinder camera shape as one of its selling points, and the Fuji X100V continues this exterior design tradition. Users who have unique feelings about film cameras or retro rangefinder cameras will definitely be deeply attracted by the appearance of X100V. I have to say that the high-value appearance of the Fuji X100V is a product with a very high rate of return when shooting outside.

In addition to the retro appearance, the Fuji X100V lens has been upgraded to the second-generation 23mm f/2.0 lens, and the equivalent focal length remains unchanged at 35mm. The new lens adds an aspheric lens to the original design, which brings a more excellent imaging performance, which is very suitable for shooting humanistic photography works.

At the core of the image, Fuji X100V uses a 26.1 million pixel APS-C image sensor, the sensitivity can be extended to 51200, supports face/eye recognition, and has a 425-point focusing system. In addition, Fuji X100V is equipped with a 3-inch 1.62 million pixel folding touch screen, which is also the first case of the X100 series, and the operating experience has been fully upgraded. In order to better satisfy video users, the camera also supports 4K/30P video shooting without cropping.

The Fuji X100V not only has a retro body design, but also has 17 Fuji-exclusive film simulation settings built into the body. In the film age, the color style of Fujifilm has made many photographers admire it. In the digital age, Fuji has transplanted these film color styles into its own digital cameras, so that the colors of the photos taken directly are completely consistent with the related Fujifilm color styles.

From the real shots, you can see that the built-in film style of Fuji X100V is very unique and the colors are very attractive. The use of different film modes not only provides different color styles of imaging, but also provides more photography ideas, making photography more fun, and also feel the unique charm of Fuji X100V.

In addition to the fun of film simulation, the image quality of the Fuji X100V itself is also very good. After all, the excellent image quality can more stimulate the photographer’s creative desire. The 26.1 million pixel APS-C frame sensor used by the Fuji X100V has a rich picture detail performance.

As you can see from the actual photos taken, the imaging quality of the Fuji X100V is excellent. Shooting in a daylight environment, the Fuji X100V has excellent imaging sharpness, rich picture details, and excellent color levels. The new 23mm f/2 lens can bring excellent bokeh effects when taking close-up shots. When shooting in a low-light environment, even with high ISO sensitivity shooting, the Fuji X100V’s noise control ability is also very good, and the photos taken are very clear and clean.

In addition to still photo shooting, Fuji X100V is also remarkable in video shooting. Fuji X100V supports 4K 30P video recording without cropping, and the powerful 425-point focusing system supports face/eye recognition, which is very helpful for video shooting and is very suitable for popular Vlog creation.

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