Retro fixed focus large aperture lens, Fuji X100V is recommended

The Fuji X100V is the latest generation of mirrorless cameras in this series. The second-generation large-aperture fixed-focus lens is also compatible with the classic focal length of humanistic photography, so it is very suitable for street photography.

In addition, Fuji X100V has a very good picture quality performance, excellent video specifications and stylish and beautiful design. Now, in, the price of Fuji X100V is CNY9390.

Fuji X100V has a 26.1 million pixel APS-C frame sensor design, supports face/eye recognition, and has a 425-point focusing system. With the second-generation 23mm f/2.0 fixed-focus lens, you can take high-quality photos with the equivalent 35mm focal length.

In addition, Fuji X100V is equipped with a 3-inch 1.62 million pixel folding touch screen, which is also the first case of the X100 series, and the operating experience has been fully upgraded.

Fuji X100V mirrorless camera has very good picture quality performance, especially equipped with the second-generation large aperture fixed focus lens, which has obvious improvement in picture quality, so taking Fuji X100V out to take pictures can get very good pictures.

At the same time, the video capability of Fuji X100V is also very good, which is very easy for general short video shooting or travel recording. For those who have requirements for camera appearance and image quality, there is no problem choosing Fuji X100V.

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