Panasonic GH6 is expected to be released this year: the main push vlog function?

There is news that Panasonic GH6 is expected to be released this year. We have heard about GH6 for several days, and now we have compiled the known news.

In fact, since 2018, Panasonic has been focusing on its own full-frame camera business, but after the launch of the Lumix GH5, which focuses on professional video shooting, in 2017, the GH series of cameras have not been updated.

At this year’s CP+ 2021 exhibition in Japan, Panasonic executives confirmed that they have already begun to consider GH5 follow-up models, so it seems that GH6 should not be too far away. In addition, they are also considering an epoch-making new zoom and prime lens suitable for the M43 model.

Some news broke before that Panasonic will make adjustments to the product positioning of the M43 format. In the future, the M43 camera will use the vlog function as its main selling point. Therefore, GH6 is likely to be a professional upgrade version of the G100, but not anymore. It has comprehensive professional video functions like GH5.

The new machine may use a 30-megapixel sensor and support 8K video shooting. It will have a better performance in focusing. More news PConline will follow up and report.

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