Nikon has registered a new battery that will be used in the new flagship Z9?

At the beginning of March, Nikon officially announced that it would release the new full-frame mirrorless flagship Z 9 this year. For the Z 9, it must be a camera that surpasses the Z 6II and Z 7II, so there is no need to worry about performance. It is curious that the shape of the Z 9 is integrated with the vertical handle, in other words it will not use a battery like EN-EL15C.

Recently, some media said that Nikon registered an unseen battery in Russia, the battery model is EN-EL18d. Friends who are familiar with Nikon cameras know that top SLR flagships like Nikon D6 use EN-EL18c, which is compatible with all previous EN-EL18 series batteries. The battery capacity of EN-EL18c is as high as 2500mAh.

So we have reason to infer that EN-EL18d will be applied to Nikon’s new flagship Z 9. For more news about Z 9, please pay attention to PConline’s report.

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