Nikon D780 camera is suitable for early adopters of full-frame users to buy

The Nikon D780 is Nikon’s latest generation of entry-level full-frame SLR cameras, and it is also a product that focuses on balance. It uses a 24.2 megapixel full-frame sensor design, and it also has excellent image quality performance and latitude. which performed.

The EXPEED 6 image processor design used in the Nikon D780 can bring higher definition, while effectively reducing noise, so that the camera can reach a high ISO 51200 common sensitivity.

The powerful computing power also allows high-speed continuous shooting at a speed of about 7 frames per second under the conditions of auto focus and auto tracking, as well as video recording in the full-frame 4K ultra-high-definition/30p format.


For Nikon D780, the first is that it has a certain price advantage.

Then there is its balanced performance, whether it is image quality, noise control, manipulation, video or endurance, it is very good. In addition, with the Nikon F mount, it has a lot of lens options, so users can shoot without too many limitations.

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