Nikon CFO: Twelve new lenses will be released in the next twelve months!

Nikon’s chief financial officer disclosed in a recent interview with Japanese media that at least twelve new lenses will be released in the next fiscal year (2021.4-2022.3).

According to interviews by Japanese media, Nikon is currently optimizing the management production line. As for the new model will be released next year, and there is a high probability that twelve lenses will be released in the next twelve months.

Nikon currently has 27 Nikon Z lenses on their product roadmap (without an extender), 11 of which have not been announced or exposed.

The following is Nikon’s product roadmap:

We can boldly guess that all mirrorless lenses and at least one F-mount lens on the roadmap will be released within the next twelve months. We can see from the picture that Nikon may also release two super-telephoto prime lenses among the twelve lenses. Prior to this, Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/2.8 ED VR II lens and AF-S VR The release of 600mm/4E has gained a good reputation, and this year’s release is also the long-awaited release of all enthusiasts. Although there is no final conclusion, let us look forward to it together!

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