New to full frame, it is recommended to buy Nikon D780 camera

The Nikon D780 is Nikon’s latest generation of entry-level full-frame SLR cameras, and it is also a product that focuses on balance. It uses a 24.2 megapixel full-frame sensor design, and it also has excellent image quality and latitude. which performed.

Now, the Nikon D780 SLR camera has also begun to carry out profit-making promotions, and the current price is CNY13,499 on

The EXPEED 6 image processor design used in the Nikon D780 can bring higher definition while effectively reducing noise, enabling the camera to reach a high ISO 51200 common sensitivity.

The powerful computing power also allows high-speed continuous shooting at a speed of about 7 frames per second under the conditions of auto focus and auto tracking, as well as video recording in the full-frame 4K Ultra HD/30p format.

For Nikon D780, the first is that it has a certain price advantage. The price of high-end full-frame cameras is widely above CNY15,000, and the price advantage of this camera is obvious.

Then there is its balanced performance, whether it is image quality, noise control, manipulation, video or endurance, it is very good.

In addition, with the Nikon F mount, it has a lot of lens options, so that users can shoot without too many limitations.

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