More portable and stable SIRUI ST-124 carbon fiber tripod

SIRUI ST-124 is a professional-grade tripod made of carbon fiber material. The innovative triangular bottom bracket makes this tripod more compact and convenient to carry. The ST-124 with a diameter of 26.5mm is specially designed for mirrorless cameras, no matter in terms of feel, size, portability or use, it is more suitable for mirrorless camera users who pursue lightness and stability.

A major feature of SIRUI ST-124 is the use of a triangular bottom bracket design. The advantage of this design is that when storing, the contact surface between the bottom bracket and the leg tube can be enlarged, which makes it more compact and smaller. .

ST-124 uses a lightweight, high-strength 8-layer carbon fiber leg with a maximum tube diameter of 26.5mm, which takes care of the portability requirements of micro-single users and at the same time allows the tripod to have a good performance in stability. The maximum load of 12kg is sufficient for all kinds of full-frame micro-single camera + telephoto lens combinations, and the weight of 1.2kg will not bring too much burden to users.

The maximum working height of SIRUI ST-124 is 1580mm, and the minimum working height is 375mm. The legs support three-level angle adjustment. Whether it is landscape photography or macro shooting, SIRUI ST-124 will provide users with the most suitable working height.

ST-124’s foot tube adjustment button supports the rebound function, and it is very convenient to automatically lock after adjustment. The inverted center axis can facilitate the creation of photographers and make shooting at unconventional angles more convenient.

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