Mobile phone travel shooting tips

Composition: simple and easy to learn without trouble

Good composition is the key to success. Common composition methods include nine-squares composition, rule of thirds composition, visual extension line composition, photo frame composition, diagonal composition, etc.

The Jiugongge composition method, to put it simply, is to divide the horizontal and vertical of the entire picture into three equal parts. After the bisectors are crossed, four intersection points will be obtained. When the photograph is composed, the subject can be obtained by placing the subject on the intersection point. Better composition is more in line with human visual habits. These four points are the golden ratio points in photography.

Jiugongge composition is very widely used. You can try it regardless of the subject matter. When you don’t know what composition to use, it is not too bad to use Jiugongge.

In particular, when taking pictures for souvenirs during a trip, placing the characters at the intersection can make the position of the characters more natural, and can also express scenic spots.

We always take landscape photos when we travel. Many people like to make the ratio of the sky and the scenery 1:1 when taking pictures. We can’t say that such a composition is wrong, but it’s too veneer and easy. This causes a blind spot in the viewing angle, which means that although there are many things in the photo, the viewer’s line of sight cannot be focused.

At this time, the commonly used composition method is to divide into three equal parts, and the scenery and sky are composed according to the ratio of 1:2 or 2:1.

So should all the sky and landscape photos be composed in three equal parts, of course not. A good composition is to highlight the theme, and the composition serves the theme.

A good photo is a perspective effect that gives people a three-dimensional feeling. At this time, it needs the assistance of a visual extension line, which is what we often call the extension line composition method.

When using frame-based composition, pay attention to the focus position to avoid the subject being out of focus. When the frame and subject light are relatively large, learn to use the HDR function of the phone, and manually adjust the exposure value after focusing if necessary.

Generally speaking, the extended line composition is similar to the framed composition. Both use the elements, lines and other elements in the photo to highlight the role of the subject and theme, and increase the three-dimensionality of the flat photo.

Compared with the traditional horizontal and vertical composition method, the oblique diagonal composition gives people a more lively feeling, and can also maximize the use of the width of the photo. In shooting themes, whether it is architecture or characters, you can use this composition method.

Landscape photos are an important part of travel photography, so how to take a good landscape photo with a mobile phone? Let’s talk about the shooting time first, because the change of light is very important for landscape photos.

At present, most people choose to travel freely, so the shooting time is still very free.

7-10 a.m. and 15-18 p.m. are ideal shooting times. In these periods, the light is soft and the sun shines at a better angle, which can better express the colors and scenery. And whether it is the hazy morning mist or the golden sunset, it will give the photos a unique color and charm.

And if you can get up early, you can also get a better shooting angle before the tourist crowd arrives to avoid the crowd’s influence on your shooting.

Bright night scenes and high-angle views are all wonderful photos, but this requires everyone to do some homework during the trip. For example, those places are the commanding heights of the city. It is recommended that you allow some time. You can take pictures of the setting sun from 4 o’clock, and you can take pictures of the city night scene at 6-7 o’clock in the evening. Always pay attention to changes in light and sunset. From Shifen to the beginning of Huadeng, the light and shadow change every moment.

When shooting city night scenes, you can use the normal mode of the camera to get good results. Of course, if your phone has a manual mode, you can adjust some shooting parameters to get better results. If it is a long exposure, a portable tripod is needed. Up.

If the mobile phone has a manual shooting mode, you can set parameters such as sensitivity, shutter time, etc., then you can also play light painting with friends in the same night.

When shooting night scene light painting photos, set the white balance to auto, set the sensitivity to the lowest value, and the shutter speed at about 8-10 seconds. If your phone still has aperture adjustment, you can set the aperture between F8-F10.

Of course, in terms of shooting time, only some suggestions are given. Everyone should do what they can. After all, traveling is to relax the body and mind. If you really cannot keep up, you can shoot slowly.

There are not only beautiful scenery but also delicious food during the trip. For foodies, sometimes the discount of food is even greater than that of beautiful scenery. So how do we photograph the food we tasted during the trip?

In order to highlight the subject, you can use a centered composition (appropriately left and right), and you can use the party or the restaurant environment as the background. However, when choosing a background, be sure not to let the background interfere with the subject. Conciseness and blurring are the main points of background selection.

Looking down in the middle is not an ideal shooting angle. An oblique angle of 45 degrees is a good choice. This composition can better reflect the texture and characteristics of the ingredients.

Make some adjustments before shooting, such as placing ingredients with obvious color contrast together, sorting out the following foods, and matching distinctive tableware with the food. The main points of food photography composition are: fullness, simplicity, and careful adjustment.

It would be great if there was natural light when dining. The soft natural light can express the texture of the food, the colors are more pure, and the overall photo style also makes people feel warm.

When dining in a restaurant, the position by the window is the first choice, not only because of the view but also because of the good light. Outdoor cafes and cafes are also good filming locations. It is very pleasant to taste food in the morning and sunset.

When shooting food, direct flash is not recommended. The strong light will distort the color of the photo, and the food will lose its attractive luster and only a pale white. If you really need to fill up the light, you can turn on the flashlight mode of your mobile phone to fill up the light from a far away position, or use the screen brightness of your mobile phone or tablet to fill up the light nearby. At this time, you need your friends in the same industry to cooperate with you.

After shooting, you can use retouching software to appropriately increase the saturation, brightness, and sharpness, which can make the food more attractive. Of course, filters cannot be used indiscriminately, such as drama mode, HDR, etc. are not suitable for food photos.

Traveling with family and friends, taking good group photos is also very important. The easiest way is to line up and shoot in front of the scenic spot. Is there a better photo mode?

Is a photo taken only when you take a face? Of course not. We can also record reflections and take close-ups of hands and feet. As long as it reflects the state of everyone together, it is actually a group photo in a broad sense.

Traveling with different customs is always fascinating. Sweeping the street with an inconspicuous mobile phone is also a very good travel photography experience. When taking this kind of photo, it is best to restore the most natural side of people and things, and try not to disturb the subject. If your phone also has a certain telephoto performance, shooting such photos will naturally be more convenient.

Panorama: Although rarely used, it is actually very useful

Whether it’s a flagship phone with a price of several thousand yuan or an entry-level phone with a price of one thousand yuan, although the current smart phone has strong or weak camera performance, the camera has a panoramic shooting function, a wider field of view than an ultra-wide-angle lens, and is used in recording landscapes and buildings. There are inherent advantages in such aspects.

Although panoramic shooting is relatively simple, all you have to do after clicking the shutter is to move according to the screen prompts, but there are still some skills in the viewing angle. Too far away from the scene can not be seen clearly, too close to the scene causes serious deformation.

It is recommended that when shooting, the standard that the human eye can see clearly (seeing clearly here means that you don’t need to focus and find, but see clearly at a glance.), as far as possible to shoot the scenery parallel to the line of sight, you can also Shooting at a position higher than the scene will have a more shocking effect when shooting condescendingly.

Try to keep the arrow at the center line, so that the photo distortion caused by shooting is minimal. Some mobile phones do not have such prompts. You can find some reference lines in the scene, such as the horizon line and building lines, and try to make these reference lines parallel to the screen as much as possible.

Although a panoramic photo will contain a lot of scenery, if you can find a subject, such as a road, a river, or a high-rise building in the middle of the screen, it will make the subject of the photo more vivid and more attractive.

Later period: Not as complicated as you think

The benefit of mobile photography is not only in instant sharing, but also because of the easy-to-use various photography apps that can add luster to your photos. Commonly used post-photo adjustment software includes Snapseed, VSCO, Waterkigue, etc.

It is recommended that you take pictures when you are visiting, and when you are traveling by transportation or waiting for a meal, take your mobile phone and slowly retouch the pictures. There is no certain way to retouch the pictures, you can just look comfortable. Adding frames and text is also a good way to turn scraps into treasures.

Equipment: Not to let you buy a new phone

The most important part of the equipment is naturally the mobile phone, but it seems that there is nothing to recommend to everyone. After all, as long as the mobile phone released in recent years has no problem in shooting performance, whether it is an Apple or an Android, make good use of your existing Your phone will do.

In addition to mobile phones, if you have some pursuits for mobile photography, you can consider some accessories specially developed for mobile photography, such as various lens attachments and small desktop tripods that can be carried with you. Of course, there is no need to remind you of the travel artifact like selfie sticks , I believe everyone will consider it.

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