Lightweight video shooting tool Nikon Z50 mirrorless camera

Nikon Z50 adopts APS-C frame 20.9 million pixel sensor design, the image is very solid. The camera’s continuous shooting speed can reach 11fps, but the continuous shooting battery life is not too high.

The camera has 209 phase focus points and eye focus function. Supports 4K 30P video without cropping, and 120P upgrade video shooting capability in Full HD. The camera case is now priced at CNY5999.

From the front, because the Z mount has an inner diameter of 55mm, which is currently the largest 135-frame mount, the body mount of the Nikon Z50 is quite exaggerated.

However, the size of the camera itself is relatively small, the body weight is only 450g (including battery memory card), if it is paired with a 16-50mm lens, the overall weight is only 585g, which can be said to be very light.

The camera’s screen can be folded back 180 degrees, this is Nikon’s first screen that supports 180 degrees of folding, very suitable for daily shooting.

This is very helpful for vlog shooting, especially for selfies. In terms of interface, the camera has a microphone interface and uses a USB 2.0 interface, but it also supports USB charging.

Nikon Z50 is indeed a mini-professional mirrorless camera. Its size is very small and its weight is more obvious. Compared with most APS-C format cameras on the market, it is very advantageous.

In addition, the camera’s high-sensitivity noise control and image sharpness are very good, which can satisfy professional users. Video shooting capabilities are also remarkable, enough to meet the needs of current VLOG users. Are you excited, why not place an order?

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