Leica Launches Q2 “DANIEL CRAIG X GREG WILLIAMS Joint Model

Leica Camera Company released a special edition Leica Q2 camera-Leica Q2 “Daniel Craig x Greg Williams joint” limited edition camera. The camera was designed by award-winning actor Daniel Craig and famous British photographer Greg Williams. The latter was acclaimed for his documentary style of capturing classic Hollywood moments.

Greg Williams has photographed Daniel Craig since he played the first Bond 007 film, created a series of behind-the-scenes albums and creative specials, as well as many movie posters of Daniel Craig. Daniel Craig and Greg Williams both love photography very much, and both are loyal fans of the Leica brand. This collaboration is a natural fit.

Daniel Craig said: “For me, the Q2 is a perfect camera. It does not require any improvement. I am honored to have the opportunity to create this extraordinary camera with my Leica colleagues and my friend Greg Williams. .”

Greg Williams said: “During the filming of “007: Casino Royale”, Daniel Craig and I hit it off because of our mutual love for cameras. Daniel Craig took many beautiful photos with a unique vision; and to me, the Leica Q2 camera seemed like It’s a part of me—I always have one hanging around my neck. It’s very meaningful to me to work with Daniel Craig and the Leica team to launch this limited edition Q2 camera.”

The Leica Q2 “Daniel Craig x Greg Williams Joint Model” camera has the same technical parameters as the regular Leica Q2 camera, but differs from the regular version with a unique and elegant design. The two colors of black and gold set the tone for this camera, and all the markings on the body and lens are inlaid with gold paint. The name of the camera and the serial number of the limited edition were laser-engraved under the glass cover of the camera display for the first time. Another significant change is the Leica logo: the Leica dot logo on the camera body has changed from the traditional red and white lettering to the black gold lettering for an unprecedented time. This makes the Leica Q2 “Daniel Craig x Greg Williams Joint Model” camera extremely recognizable. .

The camera strap is made of high-quality plant-dyed nappa leather. The Leica logo is printed on the strap and connected to the camera with a gold-plated metal ring. On the fuselage, the elegant rhombic leather of the same material is used as the decorative leather. Each set of cameras and accessories are housed in a specially designed clamshell gift box with gold fonts printed on the gift box and decorated with black silk lining. The Leica Q2 “Daniel Craig x Greg Williams” camera is limited to 750 units, which will be available in all Leica authorized channels from now on.

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