KEH Camera announces the most popular used cameras in 2020

Although there are news about new camera products every day, for most players, the new camera is not necessarily their favorite product. They may pay more attention to the news of the price reduction of the old camera, or buy a second-hand camera directly. KEH Camera recently announced the most popular used cameras in 2020, let’s take a look.

1) Sony A6000
2) Canon EOS 5D Mark III
3) Nikon D750
4) Canon EOS 5D Mark II
5) Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
6) Fuji X-T2
7) Canon EOS 7D
8) Nikon D90
9) Nikon D810
10) Sony A7 III

This is more interesting. Some cameras that were not very prominent in the past have now become the cameras most consumers choose. To be reasonable, sometimes for consumers, sex is actually enough. On the premise of sufficient use, of course, the cheaper the channel, the more money will be saved. Second-hand cameras are indeed a good choice.

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