How to take beautiful photos of ordinary scenes

Want to take a beautiful photo requires a lot of factors, but more depends on the appropriate shooting angle, sometimes a little distance, the whole photo feels changed. Therefore, the subject, we have to walk around it, observe it from all angles, and then choose the best shooting angle.

Many times when taking pictures, choose a lower angle of view and use it with a large aperture. The reason for this is that it often makes the picture much cleaner, and it will also highlight the subject more clearly.

In addition, the use of light is also very important. Here are two simple light effects that are easiest to produce. Side light, the light comes from the side of the subject, and the side light makes the object have dark changes, so the photo has rich tonal levels and strong three-dimensional effect. It is the most commonly used light in photography. Backlight, the light comes from behind the subject, and the backlight has a bright outline on the edge of the object, which makes the subject and the background distinctly separate, which has a special artistic effect.

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