High-value and powerful faction! Fuji X100V camera subverts your perception

Today, with the rapid development of digital cameras, more and more people use film cameras. The photos taken by the film camera can show retro colors and exquisite picture quality, and are liked by more art lovers. The rangefinder-like camera Fuji X100V I want to recommend today simply brought me back to the film era, because it exudes a strong retro atmosphere in appearance and “connotation”, which makes people love it.

The ultra-high appearance is the first characteristic of the Fuji X100V. The perfect combination of metal and leather, every detail has been polished to perfection. The retro style rangefinder design is even better for me. Every photo taken with it seems to have a taste of time. It adopts a photo-electric combination of viewfinder. The electronic viewfinder uses a brand-new OLED display, high refresh rate, high color coverage and other advantages, allowing photographers to see a more real world in the viewfinder.

Fuji X100V is equipped with a 23mm F2.0 fixed-focus lens. Such a lens is actually very useful for positioning itself as a humanistic street shooting camera. The 23mm wide-angle lens is sufficient to accommodate most of the daily street shooting involved. In the scene, the aperture of F2.0 is also enough to achieve the legendary blur effect of “opening like cream”.

In the digital cameras used before, there are foldable displays and touch screens, but the two-way foldable touch screen is extremely practical. It is indeed very convenient to have such a screen in daily use. In order to find some special perspectives when taking pictures, photographers often have to pose in a variety of distorted poses, but now only need to flip the screen outwards, framing and focusing can all be done.

The retro charm of Fuji from the inside out is not only in its appearance, but also in its color performance. Fuji Film, which was once a household name in the film era, is the source of its color science. Today, the style of Fuji Film is reproduced in cameras. Fuji X100V has built-in 17 digital film simulation modes, allowing photographers to obtain stunning color performance only through the camera. What I like most is the grain effect in the camera, which can simulate the texture of film with traces of time. And the grain effect in the camera can be combined with other film simulation modes. I have combined the grain effect with the color positive blue effect to shoot a set of portraits under the blue sky for female students. The outstanding contrast and saturation of the sky under the color positive blue effect, plus the light texture presented by the grain effect, make The girl’s smiling face in the sun looked extremely innocent.

To achieve a true film texture, color alone is not enough, and it is very important to have a fine picture quality. Fuji X100V uses the fourth-generation X-TRANS CMOS sensor with 26.1 million pixels, which can perfectly control moiré and false colors, and improve the image resolution without affecting the signal-to-noise ratio, so that the photos can have The fine picture quality perfectly presents the details of the scenery.

The Fuji X100V is equipped with the fourth-generation X-Processor processor, which can stimulate the potential of the image sensor to achieve high image quality while shortening the shooting interval and shutter time lag, making the focus speed and continuous shooting speed have a new leap. These advantages are for A digital camera for humanistic street photography is simply too important. The greatest pleasure of humanistic street photography lies in discovering the beauty of daily life and capturing moments of splendid pictures. It is best not to interfere with the subject. In a sense, the shutter and focusing speed determine the quality of street photography. The Fuji X100V, which has super-strong focusing ability and super-fast continuous shooting speed, can be regarded as a humanistic street shooting weapon.

Since it is an artifact of street photography, this camera is destined to be used more often outdoors, and it is inevitable that you will encounter some extreme environments. If Fuji X100V camera is used with AR-X100 adapter ring and PRF-49 protection filter, it will activate its dust and waterproof properties. The camera we have used before will always fail in some extreme weather, for example, if the temperature is too low, it will quickly power down or even shut down. And the Fuji X100V camera can withstand the low temperature of -10 degrees Celsius. I really didn’t expect such a small and exquisite appearance to have such a powerful “quality” to achieve all-weather protection.

The exquisite appearance of the Fuji X100V rangefinder digital camera is very popular among literary and artistic users, and the high-performance hardware configuration makes it a professional humanistic camera that looks the same. In addition to the excellent quality of shooting, the extra points brought by its retro style also make people have the urge to buy.

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