High-quality portable camera, Fuji XF10 portable camera recommended

Fuji XF10 is a portable camera with APS-C frame sensor. Its effective pixels are 24 million. It is equipped with an 18.5mm fixed-focus lens with an equivalent focal length of approximately 28mm. In order to facilitate camera control, Fuji XF10 adopts a large-size touch screen on the back, which can control the camera through touch operation.

As a portable outsole camera, perhaps everyone is more familiar with the Ricoh GR series, and Fuji has also launched a similar model X70 before. After the X70 was discontinued, this new XF10 became the latest choice in this category. The increase in resolution enhances the expressiveness of the picture quality.

Not only that, the new camera is more focused on the combination of touch and dial, and the camera also added a new snapshot mode, you can complete the snap shot this very characteristic street shooting mode. As a PS camera, the outstanding portability and light weight of the new camera can be a good choice for everyday shooting equipment in your backpack.

If you want a high-definition camera that you can carry with you, the Fuji XF10 is indeed a good choice. If you are interested in the Fuji XF10, take action.

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