High cost performance and high pixels, Nikon D810 full-frame SLR camera

Although it is not the latest model, the Nikon D810 is still popular among photography enthusiasts. Its effective pixels are 36.3 million. Even today, it will never feel outdated. The 51-point autofocus system is also the main selling point of this SLR, and it is not a problem to deal with sports shooting. Especially the current price of Nikon D810 is very attractive, I believe it will make a lot of people’s heart.

What makes D810 people like is its ultimate performance in terms of picture quality. Nowadays, the unmatched resolution and detail performance of 135 digital SLRs, as well as excellent latitude performance make this camera one of the most worth buying full-frame SLR cameras today.


The 36.3 million effective pixels of the Nikon D810 provide an extremely fine and excellent picture quality performance. The design of removing the optical low-pass filter further magnifies the advantages of high-pixel and high-detail reduction, which can be described as delicate.

The high pixels of the SLR body puts forward high requirements on the resolution of the lens, and it is necessary to cooperate with a high-quality lens to fully utilize the advantages of high pixels.

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