Fuji X-S10 explains what is a professional vlog tool

In recent years, short videos have become a very important part of the majority of netizens’ social interactions, and even an important talent for major self-media creators.

Thanks to the development of network bandwidth, the video quality we can see on the Internet is getting better and better, but this also means that creators need to produce higher-quality videos, which means more Only professional imaging equipment can complete this task.

So, today I will introduce the Fuji X-S10, a professional mirrorless camera called the vlog artifact.

Five-axis image stabilization brings stable picture

Stability is definitely the most important point in video shooting. If a video is difficult to achieve even stability, the audience will never watch it. Generally speaking, if you want to keep the picture stable, you need an extremely heavy and troublesome stabilizer to cooperate.

The Fuji X-S10 has an extremely powerful body five-axis anti-shake function, with a built-in IBIS unit, DIS image stabilization enhancement and a lens with OIS, it can reach a maximum of 6-speed anti-shake level.

Such a powerful anti-shake performance allows us to obtain an extremely smooth picture when shooting videos, even if it is handheld walking and shooting.

If you own a stabilizer, coupled with the anti-shake performance of Fuji X-S10, the stability of the picture will be even higher! For a vlog creator, the anti-shake capability of the Fuji X-S10 is very practical.

18 kinds of film simulation can be changed at will

In the research and development of camera color technology, Fuji has always been in the “overlord” position, and the title of “Fuji Nanbo Bay” is also derived from its excellent color control. Today’s Fuji X-S10 also has 18 film simulation modes that are widely praised by netizens.

In particular, the classic “ETERNA bleaching effect” can give our photos a unique low-saturation and high-contrast stunning effect. This type of effect is very suitable for urban scenery shooting. Photographers who have basically tried this film mode They are full of praise.

Flip the screen in multiple directions, shoot whatever you want

Imagine how embarrassing it would be when you want to shoot a low-angle scene, but the camera’s screen cannot be folded.

Fuji X-S10 provides a multi-directional flip screen that allows us to shoot at any angle we want without making awkward poses. Be a decent person and refuse the embarrassing posture of photography. Start with me!

240P slow motion allows you to upgrade at will

Speaking of video shooting, I believe that all friends who know something about it are no strangers to “upgrade”. In simple terms, upgrading is to process the video with slow motion and variable speed, which means that the number of frames that can be processed in the same time will be reduced. At this time, the number of frames of the video we shot in the previous period will be enough, otherwise the upgrade The video will be very jerky.

Fuji X-S10 provides a very amazing FHD 240P specification slow motion shooting. You must know that the frame rate of general video is only 24P, which means that if we use Fuji X-S10 to shoot FHD specification video, it can perform 10 times slow motion. , This is very amazing.

Slow motion can bring more possibilities to the artistic creation of our videos. I believe that with it, your vlog can bloom more splendidly!

-7EV low-light AF helps you focus quickly in a dark environment

Whether it is a photo or a video, the focus performance of the camera is extremely important. After all, if the subject is not in focus, it can be said to be a useless shot.

Fuji X-S10 inherits the X-T4’s super focusing system, and supports the stunning -7EV level of low-light focusing. You should know that the previous generation flagship product X-T4 only has a low-light focus of -6EV.

The great improvement of low-light focusing ability brings a comprehensive experience upgrade. After all, as long as you shoot, you must focus. The focusing performance of the Fuji X-S10 will definitely satisfy you.

Finally, I believe everyone has understood the performance of Fuji X-S10 clearly enough, and friends who want to start creating vlog videos should not miss it.

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