Fuji X-A7: Mirrorless camera with stylish smart experience

Speaking of Fuji cameras, you must be most impressed by its classic retro look and the well-loved film simulation mode, which can simulate photos in styles such as classic positive film and grain effects, allowing us to easily take a variety of photos Style blockbuster. Among Fuji’s many mirrorless cameras, the X-A7 is a camera I like very much. It not only has a classic retro look, but also has a very easy-to-handle and convenient control experience. How does the Fuji X-A7 attract me? ? Let’s take a look with everyone below.

Fuji X-A7 has a variety of colors for the fuselage, starlight brown, silver black, mint green, dark gray, navy blue, a total of 5 fashion combinations, there is always one color that will suit your appetite. The retro appearance and fashionable color scheme not only highlight the vitality but also the classic style, which is very attractive for young people. At the same time, the body weight of 320g can be said to be very light, and it will not be any cumbersome to carry it with you on the street.

There are four buttons on the top of the back of the camera: DRIVE/Delete, Playback, Menu/Confirm, Display/Return. The simple and easy-to-understand button design allows novice users to get started quickly. For photography enthusiasts or creators, professional and complex Options can be adjusted by touch on the screen, which takes good care of the two user groups.

Although the top operating area of ​​the camera is simple, it has all the necessary functions. The first is a hot shoe interface and two microphones, followed by a pop-up flash with the word FUJIFLIM. The camera shutter is integrated on the front wave wheel, and the rear wave wheel is the video recording button, as are the mode wave wheel and the switch button. Very user-friendly operation.

Coming to the front area, it uses an X bayonet, six nails and three knives, which makes the bayonet more durable. There are 10 metal contacts to ensure the contact between the lens and the body and data transmission.

The flip screen has always been loved by many photography enthusiasts. The Fuji X-A7 is also equipped with a 3.5-inch 16:9 large screen that supports multi-angle folding. This screen has about 2.76 million pixels and supports touch operation. It also emits light. The intensity is about 1000cd candela, which can ensure that users can still see the content displayed on the screen in the sun. The blessing of the flip screen allows users to adapt to shooting from various angles, even for selfies.

Fuji X-A7 is equipped with a 24.2 megapixel ASP-C frame image sensor. At the same time, the focus system has been greatly improved. The phase focus point covers about 100% of the screen, and the focus point is increased from 91 points to 425 points, which is about 8.5 times The improved focus point brings fast and accurate focusing ability. The X-A7 can quickly and accurately track the face and eyes of the subject in motion. No matter how the subject moves, it can firmly grasp its eyes and accurately In focus.

Since it is a Fuji camera, the film simulation function is definitely indispensable. This time the film simulation function of the Fuji X-A7 is somewhat different from the past. In addition to the previous real-time display, the user can also drag and compare. The left side is the original simulation. Film, on the right is the film that users can choose to simulate, and this film simulation function can be used whether it is for static photos or dynamic video shooting.

It is estimated that many users who buy cameras want to take vlogs in addition to taking photos. In terms of video shooting, Fuji X-A7 can record 4K 30P video without cropping, and this 4K video is generated from data equivalent to 6K (6032×3392). (3820×2150) quality video, so the recorded 4K video not only has no cropping, but the picture details are also very sharp. At the same time, users can also shoot 1080P 60p videos at a ratio of 16:9 or 1:1, and with the video film simulation function, your videos can have unique effects.

Many friends want to post the photos taken to social media. In the past, we used to import the photos from the camera to the computer and then to the mobile phone from the computer. The Fuji X-A7 supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless remote control transmission functions, through the corresponding By operating the mobile phone APP, you can transfer the photos you just took to your mobile phone. At the same time, the wireless remote control function allows users to operate the camera conveniently and quickly on the mobile phone. For some scenes, we don’t need to be in front of the camera all the time.

In general, the appearance design of Fuji X-A7 is very attentive. It not only retains the classic retro shape, and the color scheme is very fashionable. The operation and UI design of the camera are also very intimate. Due to the simplified buttons, many functions need to be on the screen. Touch operation on the mobile phone, which is similar to the current smart phone operation, I believe it is very convenient for most users to get started. And the film simulation mode is not absent on the X-A7. Users can still use this mode to take many styles of personalized photos. The film simulation can also be applied to video shooting, with the camera’s flip screen and powerful The video function makes it a vlog tool for users.

If you want to have such a portable and easy-to-operate mirrorless camera, choose X-A7.

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