Fuji Retro Mirrorless X-Pro3: Feel the fun of rangefinder photography

The Fuji X-Pro3 mirrorless camera not only has the same retro appearance as the rangefinder camera, but also provides excellent image quality performance. It is a flagship mirrorless camera with good looks and excellent image quality. Be concerned. In particular, the Fuji Classic Film color simulation function built into Fuji X-Pro3 has impressed many photography enthusiasts.

Fuji X-Pro3 uses Fuji’s X-Trans sensor, 26 million pixel APS-C frame, absolutely enough for photography, has exceeded the current mainstream pixel level. The screen of Fuji X-Pro3 can only be seen by folding down. When using it, the screen needs to be folded down 180 degrees. The screen supports touch and has extremely high operating sensitivity. Even new users can touch Control the screen to complete the camera settings.

In addition to the folding screen, a small screen is designed on the back of Fuji X-Pro3 to display the film simulation currently in use. It can also display some shooting parameters, such as white balance, ISO, etc. The meaning of this small screen design is to imitate the film of a film camera. When we use film, there will be a transparent window to display the type of film.

In addition to excellent handling, Fuji X-Pro3 also has a “killer feature”, the film mode. Fuji X-Pro3 not only retains the many film simulation color styles of Fuji cameras, but also adds a classic negative film mode derived from Fuji’s classic negative film Superia 100. Its unique color style also makes the photos taken by Fuji X-Pro3 more artistic temperament.

If you are a photographer who likes retro styles and has a passion for film, then Fuji X-Pro3 mirrorless camera is definitely the first choice. For ordinary photographers, Fuji X-Pro3 is also suitable for its two major features: high image quality and excellent handling.

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