From entry to professional, what camera to buy when learning photography

Today, I will bring you a camera buying guide, from beginner to professional!

Today, I will bring you a camera buying guide, from beginner to professional!

·Fuji X-T4

The appearance of Fuji is as high as ever, and the texture is very good to the touch. The compact and portable design makes the photography equipment no longer heavy. I especially like its touchable flip screen. When shooting, you can see the picture well in both high and low angles. Selfie is also much more convenient. The touch screen is very convenient for setting menus and reviewing photos. Touch focus and touch shutter are even more points.

In terms of control, the Fuji X-T4 has multiple dials on the top of the fuselage, which can easily adjust the sensitivity, shooting mode and exposure compensation. The picture shooting and video shooting are also lightly switched with one button, which is simple and easy to learn at the nanny level. Style control. The focusing speed is also fast and accurate, and it captures the eyes of people very well.

The 18 built-in film simulation settings in the camera can be said to have their own beauty. Five-axis anti-shake, 4K video and precise eye recognition focus all make the shooting experience excellent.

Fuji X-T4 has high appearance, high pixels, good texture, easy to operate and professional, simple and easy to learn and use, it combines beauty and talent, and it is perfect-and the price is only 10,000 yuan. Gifts are definitely not a loss.

·Canon EOS R5

Canon EOS R5 has a breakthrough high pixel, as a professional photographer, I use it to shoot scenery with almost no distortion, and the dark parts are handled very well. The details are also there after zooming in, and the edges are very resistant and really sharp. The focus is fast and accurate, and the subject can be accurately locked even in extremely dark environments.

Not only that, the Canon EOS R5 is currently one of the few mirrorless cameras that can shoot 8K video, with first-class professional performance in the industry. As for color, handling, transmission, battery life, etc., Canon’s micro-single is as good as ever. It is precisely because of its excellent configuration that it is in the forefront of the industry, and its high-end positioning also gives Canon users a powerful reason to upgrade their machines. This camera is suitable to give to professional photographer friends~

·Nikon Z5

Nikon Z5 is a mirrorless camera for entry-level full-frame users. Although it is positioned as an entry-level camera, in fact the configuration of this camera is very good, and its performance in all aspects exceeds the concept of entry-level. Especially in terms of imaging quality, the full-frame sensor’s strength is very obvious, and the high image quality of 24.3 million pixels is sufficient for daily outdoor shooting.

The performance of other configurations is also excellent, with five-axis anti-shake on the fuselage, using a 273-point focusing system, supporting human eye and animal detection focusing, and supporting 4K video recording.

In addition, the Nikon Z5 also has a dual SD card slot design, the new battery supports USB charging, to meet the user’s daily shooting is very easy. The camera has a very good performance regardless of the picture quality of the photos or the quality of the video, so users can buy with confidence.

·Nikon Z50

It is small and light in appearance, and the first feeling when you get it is super light, so one-handed shooting is not a problem at all. It is not tiring at all to take pictures while walking, and I recommend it to girls who love to take pictures! Also, it is really small in size and very easy to carry. It can be carried in a pocket without the lens. It is very suitable for travel shooting, street shooting, and street sweeping.

This camera has 20.88 million pixels and can shoot 4k ultra-high-definition video. It can be used directly as a video camera for those who like vlog and travel. The camera can also take time-lapse, which is very convenient for showing light changes, clouds and clouds, traffic trajectories, or sunrise and sunset, and it will live together with a tripod. The continuous shooting function can reach up to 11 frames per second, and the sensitivity can be held from 100 to 51200. It is also possible to bring a baby or sports capture.

Let’s talk about its screen. First of all, the touch screen is very convenient. It can flip up and down 180 degrees, and it is very convenient for selfies. The storage card and battery are in the same compartment, which saves space.

In general, the Nikon Z50 is very suitable to be given to female friends, as the first camera is completely OK.

These are the few cameras recommended for you to learn photography in this issue, from beginner to professional, thank you for browsing.

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