Face value performance with both hands, Fuji X-T4 satisfies your image creation

For contemporary young people, “video recording” is one of their daily interests. In the past few years, many people used to take photos with their mobile phones and post them to social media. Now, more and more young people choose to join the ranks of humanistic photography. High-quality travel and play, street photography, food pets and other video records inject a sense of ritual into their lives.

So what kind of camera should fashion and personality young people choose? Naturally, it is a camera that combines beauty and talent, and can hold the audience. If good looks and excellent performance are the key words when choosing a camera, I think the Fuji X-T4 mirrorless camera is definitely your best choice.

In the photography circle, if you talk about “the coexistence of beauty and strength”, I believe that many people’s first impression will be Fuji cameras. People who like Fuji cameras are more or less captured by its retro style. It has to be said that this Fuji X-T4 still continues the high-profile value of the series, with an all-magnesium alloy structure and an angular design, full of retro flavor and more artistic style.

It is worth mentioning that the Fuji X-T4 is equipped with a 3.0-inch 1.62 million pixel touch screen, with a 180-degree horizontal and 270-degree flip screen design, which can adapt to various shooting positions, including high-angle, low-angle or selfie portraits. Both selfie and Vlog production are very convenient and efficient for users.

After talking about the appearance, it’s time to talk about the hard power of Fuji X-T4. It is equipped with a 26.1 million pixel X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor and X-Processor 4 image processor. It adopts a back-illuminated structure and brings a more excellent high Quality imaging. In terms of lens collocation, the Fujinon lens group provides a variety of options for the X-T4. You can use a super-large aperture fixed-focus lens to take beautiful out-of-focus portrait photos, and it is also suitable for choosing a telephoto lens to shoot birds. , Moon exploration, perfect balance between picture quality and picture space.

In terms of the actual shooting experience, the film simulation mode that Fuji is most proud of is still not absent, and even shines. Fuji X-T4 can call a total of 18 film simulations in both photo shooting and video recording. In addition to inheriting the classic negative effect of Classic Neg that first appeared on X-Pro3, Fuji X-T4 also newly added ETERNA bleaching effect , So that photos can show high-contrast effects while maintaining low color saturation, straight out of the machine can bring personalized colors, completely worthy of the title of “Fuji Nanbo Bay”.

On the other hand, Fuji X-T4 has made great progress in stability. I believe that everyone has been troubled by unstable handheld shooting. If there is no anti-shake blessing of the body, it is easy to have a bad experience of blurry and out-of-focus waste films. Fuji X-T4 brings you a five-axis anti-shake system on the fuselage, which supports up to 6.5-speed shutter compensation. It can also be combined with digital anti-shake to achieve a more stable shooting effect, which greatly improves the output rate of handheld shooting. When shooting Vlog It can also provide a more stable picture.

The Fuji X-T4 also has extraordinary performance in testing the quality of the body’s focus and speed. The new focus algorithm brings a focus speed of up to 0.02 seconds. At the same time, it is equipped with an eye focus function, which greatly improves the portrait. Focus accuracy when shooting. In addition, the Fuji X-T4 can reach a high-speed continuous shooting speed of 15fps when using a mechanical shutter, and when using an electronic shutter, the full pixel output can even reach 20fps. All of these allow young people to “enjoy” the Fuji X-T4 more handily. The scenery, humanities, snapping, and bird shooting are all right!

When you go out to shoot, it’s impossible to end without a few hours, let alone a whole day with the camera on the way. In response to this, Fuji X-T4 brings a W235 large-capacity battery. In normal mode, a single battery can last up to 500 cards; in energy-saving mode, it can last up to 600 cards. In addition, with the VG-XT4 handle, two batteries can be added for shooting, and about 1700 pictures can be taken per charge.

It is no exaggeration to say that the reason why the Fuji X-T4 is so excellent is that it meets the imagination and needs of young people for all aspects of the camera! Not to mention that the X-T4 is the latest flagship model of the series. The high configuration performance it brings, just because of its unique outstanding retro appearance, is enough to make it stand out among many cameras of the same price level.

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