DPreview counts the top ten popular cameras in 2020 based on likes

DPreview recently made an interesting statistics. According to the photo like rate on its ins account, we can know which models are more popular, and come up with the top ten micro-single rankings with the highest like rate in 2020.

1. Fuji X-Pro3
2.Pixii camera
3. Fuji X-T4
4. Fuji X100V
5. Fuji X-S10
6. Sony a7C
7. Zeiss ZX1
8. Fuji X-T3
9. Nikon Z7 and D850
10. Fuji GFX 100

My friends actually like Nikon and Fuji cameras. Surprisingly, Zeiss ZX1 was on the list. However, this only reflects the general aesthetics of people in Europe and the United States.

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