Card camera entry skills: long exposure night shooting

Night scene shooting, many people always think it is long exposure shooting, but it is not.

Except for professional photographers, no ordinary user will carry a tripod at any time in order to be able to shoot night scenes with long exposures. Therefore, there are many situations in which night scene shooting is handheld shooting or using other objects to hold the camera to shoot.

Night scene shooting also emphasizes composition. Here are the differences between handheld shooting and shooting with a tripod and how to set the camera parameters.

First of all, for handheld shooting, due to the dim light at night, in order to be able to stabilize the shooting and ensure the success rate, we need to use a higher ISO in addition to using a larger aperture as much as possible. The purpose of this is to ensure that the shutter speed is high enough to avoid false shooting.

More and more card cameras nowadays have used one-inch or even APS-C sensor design, so the performance of noise control is very good, so ISO 800 or even ISO 1600 can be easily dealt with.

Let’s talk about using a tripod to shoot, so that you can achieve long-time exposure shooting techniques. If there is no tripod, the roof of the car and the trash can on the roadside can all be used as shelves.

When using long-time exposure shooting, you don’t need to consider maintaining a higher shutter speed. Instead, use a slower shutter speed.

In order to match the slow shutter exposure to not make the picture too bright, so the aperture part needs to use a small aperture, the value can be in the interval of F8-F16, according to the shutter speed at any time.

Since the camera is in a stable place, please use ISO 100 directly to ensure a clean picture.

In fact, shooting night scenes is the same as daytime, after all, most users still choose to shoot handheld. Shooting at night actually has higher requirements for the camera. First is the ability to focus in dark light, and then the ability to control noise with high sensitivity, as well as the performance of color and image quality.

But don’t worry, after all, the current card cameras are very powerful, at least a few steps higher than mobile phones.

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