Canon full-frame mirrorless EOS R5, 20 continuous shooting +8-level anti-shake

Canon EOS R5 uses a 45-megapixel full-frame sensor, supports 8-level body and lens dual anti-shake, provides 20fps (electronic shutter) and 12fps (mechanical shutter) continuous shooting speed, supports up to 29.97fps without cropping 8K RAW Video recording.

The current price of this camera single body on is CNY 25,999.

EOS R5 has up to 45 million effective pixels, which can generate 8192×5464 pixel photos.

It can meet the needs of photography enthusiasts, professional photography institutions, and commercial printing industries for large-size photo output.

At the same time, high pixels also provide conditions for the secondary creation of photos. After using the retouching software to cut the composition and theme performance, it will not affect the sharpness. EOS R5 has a body anti-shake function, and with an anti-shake function RF lens, it can achieve up to 8 levels of anti-shake.

EOS R5 is equipped with the second-generation full-pixel dual-core focusing technology, with 5940 AF points with 100% area coverage.

Increased the ability to focus and recognize the eyes and faces of cats, dogs, birds and other animals. Whether it is taking photos or recording videos, the focus ability has excellent performance.

In terms of continuous shooting, the EOS R5 has a continuous shooting speed of up to 20fps. When using a high-speed CFexpress card, the continuous shooting life is almost unlimited.

EOS R5 can shoot two 8K video formats, both of which can shoot 8K videos up to 29.97P. The difference between the two formats is: 8K DCI format with a resolution of 8192×4320; 8K UHD format with a resolution of 7680×4320.

In addition, when shooting in these two formats, 8K RAW format video can be shot, and whether shooting in normal video format or 8K RAW format, autofocus under video is supported.

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