Brings a wide screen picture, SIRUI 24mm F2.8 anamorphic lens

SIRUI 24mm F2.8 1.33X widescreen anamorphic lens is an APS-C format product with a stepless aperture from F2.8 to F16.

This lens can directly shoot movies with a 2.4:1 widescreen ratio, which can bring users a wider picture and maximize the use of the sensor area to output high-quality pictures.

However, it should be noted that because most cameras have an output ratio of 16:9, we need to manually restore the 2.4:1 ratio in post-processing. In fact, it is very simple, just set the ratio of the long side of the video and photo to 133%, or set the ratio of the short side to 75%.

The lens is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material, which is very heavy in the hand. This lens is processed with high-precision CNC technology and the overall workmanship is exquisite, both in terms of texture and operating feel. The front part of the lens is the focus ring, and the back part is the aperture ring. In actual use, the damping feeling is full and the rotation is smooth, allowing users to perform finer operations.

Because it is an anamorphic lens, the foreground group of 24mm F2.8 1.33X is approximately in the positive direction. Through the foreground group, we can see the oval lens and aperture ring inside the lens. The lens uses German Schott glass and is equipped with high-definition nano multilayer coating, which can effectively suppress the appearance of ghosts and flare.

We often see oval out-of-focus spots in movie screens. Due to its deformation characteristics, the out-of-focus spot will be vertically stretched from a circle to an ellipse. While blurring the background and highlighting the subject, it can give the picture more drama. This lens also has a unique skill, that is, when facing the light source, it can shoot the blue-purple horizontal brushed glare effect that is common in movies, and also adds a strong film texture to the picture.

SIRUI 24mm f/2.8-Detailed parameters
Main performance
Lens frame: APS-C full frame
Lens classification: micro single lens
Lens use: standard lens
Lens type: fixed focus
Lens structure: 13 elements in 10 groups
Focus method: manual

Optical parameters
Maximum aperture: F2.8
Minimum aperture: F16
Number of aperture blades: 8
Closest focusing distance: 0.6m
Maximum magnification: 1:21.99 (V), 1:29.07 (H) times

Other parameters
Lens diameter: 74mm
Lens length:
MET mount: 124.9mm
X bayonet: 126.4mm
Z bayonet: 128.1mm
E bayonet: 126.1mm
EF-M mount: 126.1mmmm
Lens weight:
MET mount: 770g
X mount: 780g
Z bayonet: 810g
E mount: 780g
EF-M mount: 780g
Product features: aluminum alloy material, high-precision CNC machining

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