All-rounder, Canon RF 35mmF1.8 micro single lens

Canon RF35mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM is an EOS R series full-frame micro-single dedicated large aperture fixed focus lens.

The focal length of 35mm and the large aperture of F1.8 make this lens suitable for shooting humanities, street sweeping, portraits and other subjects. As the saying goes, it can be used for portraits and street sweeps. The maximum magnification of 0.5 times gives this lens The characteristics of macro shooting.

At the same time, 35mm is considered a small wide angle, so it is not a problem to take landscape photos.

The compact size is also very harmonious when installed on the same lightweight mirrorless camera, which is more suitable for use as an on-hook lens.

This is a versatile lens. It’s okay to take some small wide-angle landscape photos with 35mm. Humanities and large-aperture blurry portrait photos are even better, and the macro capability also allows you to shoot some of your favorite small objects. Or photos of natural themes such as flowers and plants.

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