16 kinds of film simulation retro mirrorless camera Fuji X-T30 is worth starting

For many photography enthusiasts, camera performance is important, but portability and personalized appearance are now valued by more and more people. The Fuji X series mirrorless cameras are loved by many photography enthusiasts because of their classic retro appearance and unique film simulation mode. The Fuji X-T30 we are going to talk about today is a camera with excellent performance and appearance that many users like, and 16 film simulation modes have also appeared on this machine. Let’s take a look at it.

After all, it is Fuji’s mirrorless camera, so we have to talk about its appearance. The appearance of the Fuji X-T30 has a nostalgic film camera concept. There are three colors for everyone to choose from: silver, black, and elegant ink gray. The combination of the three colors and the retro appearance can produce a different elegant style. At the same time, the X-T30 is about 118.4mmx82.8mmx46.8mm in width, height and thickness. The single body with battery weighs 383g. This size and weight can be said to be very compact and light.

There are two mono microphones under the FUJIFILM LOGO on the front of the camera, which can provide excellent stereo sound effects for users who record videos. There is also a focus mode lever on the lower right corner of the front. You can choose between manual focus, single AF, and continuous AF. This design allows users to quickly switch the focus mode in any scene without having to enter the menu to switch.

The design of the top of the fuselage is also very simple and compact. The shutter button and the switch lever are integrated. The user can operate the camera switch and take photos with one hand. There are exposure compensation dial, shutter speed dial, Fn next to it. Custom function buttons, on the other side is the shooting mode dial and flash pop-up lever.

The electronic viewfinder of the Fuji X-T30 is a 2.36 million pixel OLED screen, with a magnification of 0.62 times and a display time delay of only 0.005 seconds. It can also achieve a refresh rate of 100FPS in the boost mode, providing users with excellent Experience. There is also a 3-inch foldable touch LCD screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of about 1.04 million pixels. This touch LCD screen can be folded in two directions and is capable of shooting from various angles. .

Despite the fact that the camera is small, its performance is very powerful. Fuji X-T30 is equipped with the fourth-generation X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor. The APS-C format sensor has 26.1 million pixels and is equipped with a quad-core X-Processor 4 image processing engine. And the original X-Trans color filter array can effectively reduce moiré and noise, coupled with the design without low-pass filter, can effectively improve the sharpness of the picture. At the same time, this sensor still uses a back-illuminated structure to increase the exposure area of ​​photoelectric components, allowing the camera to obtain excellent shooting effects in low light conditions.

Thanks to the powerful chip, the Fuji X-T30 can achieve a startup time of 0.4 seconds, so there is no need to worry about missing the best shooting opportunity because of the slow boot speed. The X-T30 has a faster focusing speed, about 425 focus points, the low-light limit is extended from +0.5EV to -3.0EV, and 2 times the tracking accuracy of face and face recognition AF, which can achieve faster and more accurate autofocus performance . Under the electronic shutter, there is a continuous shooting speed of up to 30 frames per second, allowing photographers to capture every wonderful moment.

The film simulation function is not absent on the Fuji X-T30. Whether it is a high saturation Velvia film, a film-like ETERNA film, or an old-fashioned reversal film feel, it can be used on the Fuji X-T30. Realization, it provides a total of 16 film simulation options, so that everyone can shoot a blockbuster to their satisfaction.

In terms of video shooting, Fuji X-T30 is also very good. First of all, it outputs 4K 30P 10bit 4:2:2 video with HDMI support. Because the X-T30’s 4K screen is shot with 6K accuracy, it can be presented. The picture details are also very sharp, and it also supports the DCI format to record 17:9 4K video, and also supports F-LOG recording, which can greatly increase the latitude of the recorded video.

With the “face selection” function, users can use the touch panel or focus joystick to switch the person in focus when using the X-T30 to record video. The camera will also automatically follow the focus, and the unique film simulation mode can also be applied During the video shooting.

In general, the Fuji X-T30 is easy to carry, and it is not a problem to carry it around for cultural creation. Its excellent photo and video shooting capabilities allow users to easily capture the beauty of daily life. Fuji’s consistent retro appearance is also vividly displayed on this machine, with the three optional colors to bring users a different sense of life.

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